How to find a faceit account by steam?

Very often, people wonder whether it is possible to find out the nickname of a faceit profile just using the link to a steam profile. All because over the last year, third-party platforms, such as Faceit and ESEA, on which it is safer to play (the percentage of cheaters is reduced to almost 0) and, in a sense, more difficult but no less interesting, were rapidly gaining popularity. Using this trick, you can find out exactly whether your opponent plays, for example, matchmaking not honestly because, having come across a new account with the 2 Private rank, a chance remains that on faceit, he has 3,000 Elo and that he is just a good player, though with a new account. Employees from our faceit boosting service are using this method very often.

So, let’s begin. In order to find a faceit profile, we will need a link to a steam account. The link can be either a name (/id/xxx) or a number (/profiles/111). If this is a name link, i.e., it starts with /id/ — you should use third-party services that help convert a SteamID.

steamID64 - This is what we need to find Faceit Profile

If the link is numeric (starting with /profiles/), you should copy the number after the slash, go to faceit, and paste the number into the search string.

Paste steamID64 to Faceit Search Box to find all Faceit Profiles associated with this Steam Profile

It will show all the accounts associated with this SteamID. As you can see, to find Faceit Profile you don't need to use third party services.