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Frequently Asked Questions
General questions
Once you have decided which services you need, you should make an online payment on the website or with the help of any manager whose contact details are provided in the Contacts section. After a successful payment, the manager connects you to your personal booster, and you agree with him on the boosting start date.
Unfortunately, after you entrust your account to us, you won’t be able to play neither CS:GO nor other games in the course of our work (please contact your personal booster for more details). However, if you have chosen duo boosting and play personally with us, you can play wherever and whatever, except for the platform on which boosting is performed.
You need to provide your steam account as well as your ESEA/Faceit account (If you bought Faceit/ESEA Boost). It would be better if you provide temporary steam guard codes together with your Steam account.
It is impossible to determine in advance the skill level of opponents. Usually, this is the average rating of the platform on which you are using boost.
We can arrange for you to play with your friend, but your friend has to pay for himself.
Usually, we play 12 games a day, in which case we leave for Faceit at +300 Elo, and in CS:GO Matchmaking and ESEA, it’s possible to move up 2 to 5 ranks.
That’s right, as soon as you make a payment, you’ll receive the data from your account to the email or any other contact address you have specified when paying. You’ll receive a Steam Account, a Faceit/ESEA Account, and the original e-mail.
No, we don’t boost non-prime matchmaking.
No, we don’t use cheats, and we want to assure you that Faceit and ESEA cheating is impossible.