AccountsCS2 Account | Counter-Strike 2 Accounts For Sale or Rent
CS2 Account | Counter-Strike 2 Accounts For Sale or Rent

24-hour rent of CS2 account, try new features and play matchmaking with your favorite pro players and streamers.

After purchasing this product you will receive the following:

CS2 Steam login and password and Steam Guard recovery codes to get quick access to CS2 account

We provide Counter Strike 2 Beta accounts for rent to our customers. Literally, a few gamers got access to CS 2, according to statistics it's from 2 to 5 percent of active players in CS:GO, as well as almost all professional players and streamers, which gives you the opportunity to meet your favorite content creators right in the match!

You will have time to download the CSGO 2, then we will start the countdown, in this case, it is 24 hours. Accounts are not tied to a particular region, you can easily play in your own region. Also at your disposal will be 5 Steam Guard codes for quick access to the acc at any time of the day. The CS2 account has prime and access to matchmaking with other CS2 players, for example, if your friends also have access to CS2 Beta, you can play together with them in the same lobby.