CS2 Ranks, New Ranking and Premier Rating System

After huge CS2 update, the majority of players face a large number of issues with the CS2 Rank System: new premier mode, unclear private ranks, placement matches algorithms, where and how is it possible to get rank or rating after all? We know you want to indulge yourself in the world of one of the most popular competitive online games ever!

CS2 Premier Mode

In this article we are going to tell you about the way you can get your first premier rating or rank, the percentage of Gold and Global Elite players in the world, how the whole system works, and also the way you can raise your rating much faster.

Also, you can buy cs2 account from Eloboss and apply your knowledge to the new chapter of the game from Valve, as matchmaking has remained unchanged.

CS2 Premier Rating

A new mode called Premier, is the epitome of matchmaking from Dota 2 based on Elo, in CS2 it's called CS Rating.

There are a total of 7 tiers, with a color and rating range for each.

  • Grey: 0 to 4999
  • Cyan: 5000 to 9999
  • Blue: 10000 to 14999
  • Purple: 15000 to 19999
  • Pink: 20000 to 24999
  • Red: 25000 to 29999
  • Gold: 30000 to Unlimited

CS2 Premier Rating Ranges

You get from +100 to +500 Rating per win. It depends on your current win/lose stats. If your W/L rate improves, your rating gain also improves. Thus if you win more than losing, then you will get from 250 up to 500 rating per win, but if you are constantly losing matches, then you will get fewer rating, up to 100 per win.

Also, there are additional mechanics for every 1000 rating. Before approaching the end of each thousand rating, your victory reward drops to the amount needed to pass to a new tier, and after crossing the thousand, the victory rating rises. Also when you have a *999 rating, you will have a special animation of your tier icon.

New Matchmaking CS 2 Rank System

All ranks remained as they were, except for one thing. Now the rank for each map is different, otherwise no changes.

CS2 Rank System

There is a total of 18 Competitive and Wingman Skill Groups in CS2. They are further divided into 4 groups: Silver, Gold, Master, and Elite.

There are also 40 Private Ranks, they have no impact on competitive ones, and can be described as experience scale. By achieving Private 40, you receive Service Medal. Each year, game developers present a new Service Medal. Once you receive it, the private rank will be reset to the first one, and by recurrent achieving Private 40 your service medal will improve, or to be more exact – it will change the color.

Here are all the Counter-Strike 2 Skill Groups, from the lowest to highest:

  • Silver I
  • Silver II
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Silver Elite
  • Silver Elite Master
  • Gold Nova I
  • Gold Nova II
  • Gold Nova III
  • Gold Nova Master
  • Master Guardian I
  • Master Guardian II
  • Master Guardian Elite
  • Distinguished Master Guardian
  • Legendary Eagle
  • Legendary Eagle Master
  • Supreme Master First Class
  • The Global Elite

Competitive Skill Groups

Competitive Ranks

Wingman Skill Groups

Wingman Ranks

Danger Zone Skill Groups

Danger Zone Ranks

Profile Ranks

Profile Ranks

How to get a Rank in CS 2?

You have to play 10 matches to get a premier rating. If you win 10 out of 10, you can get a 22-24k rating. The author of this article went 8-0, then there were 2 losses, 1 draw, and 2 wins, and in total, he got a 19500 rating. The key to success is not to lose a single game in the first 5 matches, in this case, you will get a high rating.

To get access to premier mode, you should get private rank 10.

To get access to regular competitive mode, private rank 2 will be enough. We recommend you a Deathmatch mode to get it. Try to get the maximum number of kills, normally 3-4 matches are enough to achieve it. Then you will get the opportunity to play Competitive and Wingman.

During Placement Matches in Competitive, you can win a maximum of 2 matches a day. After the second victory, you will receive temporary blocking for 20 hours, when it’s over you can further proceed to calibration.

The situation with Wingman is a bit different, you have the opportunity to pass placement matches even in one day without blocking or any limitations.

The highest skill group you can achieve on placement matches - is Gold Nova IV, and the lowest one Is Silver 1.

It is important to know, that the first 4 placement matches should be taken seriously since they are the most crucial and your future skill group will depend on their result. Honestly speaking, you are going to play your first matches with the weakest players, and if you lose the match, you won’t get the maximum skill group, since the system initially recognized you as someone close to the low rating. We conducted some experiments by losing the first match, and then we won 10 out of 10, as a result, we got Silver IV, which is 6 ranks lower than the maximum one. The only factor, which can influence the calibration result is the sequence and number of victories.

CS2 Rank Distribution

For new players, Global Elite is something unreal, since only 0.75% of all players have this skill group, so it is a good motivation to progress. Here you can find statistics on the percentage of players with different skill groups for 2024:

CS2 Rank Percentage

How CS 2 Matchmaking Works?

So, you got your first skill group. Victories make your rank increase while defeats make it lower. You can search for a match with players, who are in the range of 5 ranks from you (higher or lower). Otherwise, you will have to gather a team of 5 people.

The rating icon will disappear in one month after the last match. Once the skill group has disappeared, you should win 1 match. Most likely, you will receive a skill group that will be lower on 1-2 ranks than before. Once you get your rank back, that’s quite easy to get your old one as well. It is enough to win two times in a row.

If you abandon a match, then you receive temporary blocking. There are 4 levels of punishments for abandoning matches - 30 min, 2 hours, 24 hours, and a 1-week ban. A week of gaming without violations can decrease your future ban time.

There are punishments if you are often kicked off the matches or you kick off other people from them. They are working on the same principle as punishments for abandoning matches.

Punishment for kicking and leaving can have a negative impact on your elo. Your rating can get lower for any blocking.

How to Rank Up?

Actually, everything is quite simple. Play your best and try to win as many matches in a row as possible to raise your rating. However, the more matches you play having one skill group, the more likely the system will consider you a proper player and it will be harder to rank up. (Systems Elo and Glicko-2 are telling us about this).

Guys, who doing cs2 boosting can confirm this theory. We occasionally receive the orders, which take a lot of time, however, it seemed that boosting 1 rank was quite enough. At the same time, it can take you just a few victories with perfect statistics to raise your Rating.

Tips to Rank Up Faster

  • Forget about your Rating Focus exclusively on your personal gaming skills. In order to regularly win with a low rating, it is enough to have good aim skills. Play aim maps, e.g. aim_botz, and don’t forget about the deathmatch server. The best solution for practicing tactics is retake servers. Learn some new nades, like smokes, flashes, and incendiary grenades. All of this may have a significant impact on the gaming process, can help your team, and lets you cheat opponents in a smart manner.

  • Never play CS2 solo We advise you to avoid playing matchmaking solo. Nowadays, it is quite easy to find teammates, who will have the same desire as you to progress and increase their skill group. Playing solo, you are exposed to a higher risk of meeting toxic people, who won’t provide any info during the game, who will play halfheartedly (with no desire to win, etc). You will have only negative experiences playing with such people. Playing with friends you will have at least some common interest and information about what is going on the map, which significantly increases your odds to win.

  • You are lucky if your friend is Global Elite Yes, if you keep on getting victories with the high-rating players, you will be ranked up much faster.

  • Don’t forget to relax after each defeat It is commonly known, that match after defeat most likely won’t give you any positive result. Trying hard to win back, you will get more irritated, unable to control your emotions and lose focus on your own skill. Instead of losing another game, just take a break and analyze the game you lost. Considering the fact, that you are playing a team game, the reason you lost may not be you personally. In case you did not excel in shooting your enemy or you moved across the map not well enough — all of these can be good reasons to work on your personal skills. If your ally decided to ruin the game or simply abandon it - most likely you could actually do nothing in that situation, just forget about this game and keep moving forward. Invite your friends to play together with you, it significantly decreases the chance you will get a bad teammate in the next game.