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Autoexec CSGO Guide

Quite often, players face a problem where the game settings are reset for unknown reasons. Autoexec.cfg will help you out in this situation.

There is a config.cfg file located in the Program Files folder ((x86)/Steam/userdata/Your steamID3/730/local/cfg/config.cfg). To find out your SteamID3, use third-party services.

steamID3 - This is what we need to find folder

Or retrieve your link to the trade offer. The only numbers that will be contained in this link are your SteamID3.

Trade URL includes your steamID3

Also, at cfg folder, there is a config.cfg file, which contains the settings to be loaded at the game launch. Usually, all new settings are automatically overwritten in this file, but conflicts may occur in the system, and the settings may be reset.

In this case, you should do the following — Configure the game, create new config by using the host_writeconfig command; after that, a new config will appear in the same folder as the config.cfg file. Rename the file into autoexec.cfg and add the +exec autoexec.cfg command to the game launch parameters.

Done! Your settings will now be automatically applied when you start the game.