Autoexec CSGO Guide

Beginner players quite often face the problem when CSGO config are repeatedly reset for inexplicable reason when starting the game. In this case, setting up and using Autoexec will be of great help for you.

In this article we are going to tell you how to save your settings to the config file, how to launch the game cfg of some other person, and also how you can correct game settings reset with the help of autoexec.

What is CSGO Autoexec?

CS:GO developers provided a brilliant opportunity for players to customize practically all existing settings. Players regularly try different screen resolutions, experiment with mouse sensitivity, crosshair, viewmodel position, HUD, binds, etc. Some of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive settings are performed exclusively through developer’s console. Occasional reset of game setup can become a real nightmare, if you did not save them beforehand. In order not to set up everything once again, there is an autoexec file.

Autoexec — is actually a .cfg file , where all your settings and commands are securely saved and automatically applied when you start CS:GO. Autoexec gives you a big advantage, especially if you have several computers or you decided to visit LAN tournament in your city. Simply download your Autoexec config on flash drive or place it online, after that you can use it on your new computer. All settings, except for Video will be automatically applied by autoexec. Video setup should be manually adjusted. Just 1 minute and everything is done! You can play using your own commands without any issues.

Autoexec will not only optimize the application of your own settings, but also receive the opportunity to use settings of someone else, e.g. pro-players or your friends. So, if you want to feel yourself with awp as s1mple, just download his autoexec and upload it through the console. With the course of time, you will be able to restore your previous setup as easily.

How to create a Config File

To start with, you should set up the game. Then open developer’s console and enter command host_writeconfig name, meaning name - is the name of your config. Once you enter this command, name.cfg will be created.

host_writeconfig Configuration Created

In order to find name.cfg, just open Program FIles(x86)/Steam/userdata/Your steamID3/730/local/cfg/name.cfg , You can use third-party services to find your SteamID3.

steamID3 - This is what we need to find folder

Or retrieve your link to the trade offer. The only numbers that will be contained in this link are your SteamID3.

Trade URL includes your steamID3

Once you are done, name.cfg should be placed in folder: Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cfg .

How to use Config as Autoexec

The hardest part is behind. The only thing left is to install automatic Autoexec application of our config every time you start the game. It can be done with the help of +exec launch option.

Rename it into autoexec.cfg and add the +exec autoexec.cfg command to the game launch options. Go to Steam gaming library, click with the right button of the mouse on CSGO and select Properties, then open general tab and click Set Launch Options button, enter +exec autoexec.cfg and click OK.

+exec autoexec.cfg

Done! Your Autoexec will now be automatically applied when you start the game.

How can I launch someone’s CFG File?

Have you ever dreamed of playing with s1mple or ZywOo settings? To start with, you should download config with pro-player setup. Before proceeding to below-mentioned steps, we advise you to save your personal autoexec beforehand, we have already told you how you can do this.

  1. Download archive together with settings file.
  2. Unzip config file in any folder you like.
  3. Go to Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/cfg folder and place downloaded config file there.
  4. Start the game, open developer’s console (Button ~ by default), and write command exec name, where name stands for the name of config file you downloaded.
  5. Video settings should be edited separately.

Done! In order to return your previous setup, just write command exec name, where name stands for the name of your previous config file.

How can I edit Config File?

In fact, config is a simple txt file, where you can find lines containing commands for the game. config file can be opened and edited with the help of simple Windows Notepad or Notepad++. By default, config file consists of standard console commands, similar to those you enter in developer’s console. If you need to update config file, then you’ve got an excellent opportunity to feel yourself as a programmer for a couple of minutes and write them manually, however, we recommend you to re-create the file through developer’s console, it is much easier and you are unlikely to make any mistakes writing a command.