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Faceit Ready Account

This service allows you to create a new Faceit account. Phone verification feature and registration of the faceit account is available. Up to 25000 hours.

This Steam account allows you to register a new Faceit account. As you know, to register a Faceit account, you must spend in CS2 at least 25 hours. This account meets the necessary requirements for registering a faceit account. Also we provide a one-time verification of the mobile phone of the faceit account or we can create faceit account instead of you.

ATTENTION! We don’t buy or resell other people’s accounts. All the accounts are made directly by the Eloboss team. Thus, we guarantee a safe future of your account — you shouldn’t be worried about the account you buy. Since your account does not have any payment history — you can make it the main account or test yourself at a new level without the fear of losing your account. But let us remind you that once we supply the product, we are no longer responsible for anything that may happen to your account.