Accounts / Faceit Account lvl 10 ~2610
Faceit Account lvl 10 ~2610

Pre-order, expected delivery time - up to 15 business days. Includes steam and original e-mail details. White Checkmark (Verified).

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Faceit 10 lvl+

After purchasing this product you will receive the following:

  • Faceit/Steam login and password
  • Original e-mail address and password

WARNING! The Faceit accounts you can find in our store are mostly used to try yourself at a new skill level, and since Faceit actively fights such boosted accounts, the account warranty is valid for 1 week from the date of purchase. In that case, if you got 300+ elo roll-back, or a permanent ban on an account you haven't played on, we are committed to issuing a replacement. We do not buy or resell other people's accounts. All accounts are made directly by the Eloboss team. This way we guarantee a safe future for your steam account - you do not have to worry about the account you are buying. Since the steam accounts we sell have no payment history - you can make it your main account or test yourself on a new level without fear of losing your account. This account can also be used on Esportal and ESEA.