Steam Backup Codes

Not many folks know that Steam allows you to generate backup steam guard codes, in case you won’t be able to use a steam authenticator app confirmation or common authentication code, which is sent to a mobile app or email, in case you lose your phone with the steam authenticator or email was hacked.

You can release backup codes like that only when you have Steam Guard mobile authenticator enabled, if you normally receive codes on your email, you won’t be able to create them.

Keep in mind, that these backup codes can be used to log into your account only, you won’t be able to accept trade offers, remove your phone number, or change the password using these codes. So no one can get full access to your account using this feature.

Once the process of generation is completed, you will receive the list of 30 backup codes, also you can deactivate released backup codes at any time, to do that simply create the list with new backup codes, and the old ones will be automatically deactivated.

We kindly ask our clients to provide these codes, since this can significantly optimize the working process and there is no need for us to wait for the client’s response to log into their account anymore – Booster will proceed to work right away.

How to Generate Steam Backup Codes?

In fact, everything is quite simple. All you need to do is open the Steam desktop app or visit the Steam website in your browser and find the settings button.

  1. In the top right corner click on the account nickname and then select the account details tab.

Account Details

  1. In the Account Security section click on Manage Steam Guard.

Manage Steam Guard

  1. Click on the Get Backup Guard Codes button.

Get Backup Codes

  1. Enter the code from SMS sent to the mobile number linked to your Steam account and click confirm.

Enter SMS Code

  1. Done! You will see the list of 30 backup codes for one-time use generated, and you can use them to log into your account. On the same page, you can get new codes.