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Faceit Nickname Service

This service helps in freeing up faceit nicknames. You pay only if it's really possible to get the desired nickname.

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In order to use this service, you have to contact the support with a list of 10-15 nicknames that you would like to release. After checking, you will receive a list of nicknames that you can actually get using our service. You must also have 1000 faceit points on your balance or an active premium subscription to be able to change your nickname.

ATTENTION! We don’t buy or resell other people’s accounts. All the accounts are made directly by the Eloboss team. Thus, we guarantee a safe future of your steam account — you shouldn’t be worried about the account you buy. Since your steam account does not have any payment history — you can make it the main account or test yourself at the new level without the fear of losing your account. But let us remind you that once we supply the product, we are no longer responsible for anything that may happen to your account. For example, we do not guarantee that you will not lose an elo because of former teammates who participated in matches with a purchased account and received a ban that implies an elo rollback (Such cases are very rare and occur by chance). Also, we do not insure the purchased account against bans, since the accounts that we sell cannot be banned after some time, like any other Faceit/ESEA accounts - Accounts receive bans upon violation. We strongly disadvise buying a Faceit account if you have already received a ban on your computer for the following reasons — Cheating, Ban Evasion, Multiple Accounts, or Boosting Service. Our consultants will instruct you as to how to avoid a second ban if you are our customer.